Friendship Bracelets

3 pamphlets about impressions of friends of mine

"Friendship Bracelets" was a group project between three friends and I. The idea was that we would all make work that was specifically about each other and take any sort of interpretive approach that we wanted. For my pieces, I made three pamphlets detailing first some culminations of my impressions of these new friends. I like doing this kind of work, informational, with almost dictionary aesthetics, but if I were to do something like this again, I would be more blatantly honest, akin to more recent work of mine, in my perceptions of the subjects, which I think would lead to much more interesting work.

The order of each pamphlet is as follows:
Full first name
An interpretive analysis of my first impression of each subject
A detailed portrait drawing of each subject
Blind contour signifiers
Schematic of subject and exterior style choices

The connotations of this project were about assuming meaning to how we saw each subject/friend. This was sort of a strange project, and the friend dynamics have been subject to significant change, but I like some of the ideas that I came up with within this.


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