This project has taken many forms, all of which have contributed to the process of the greater whole that is this an interactive virtual experience. Here I will try to list them all with some explanation along the way:
• A 2D video game built within Unity
• A 3D abstract art experience, built within Unity, based on a lack of lucidity and a euphoric naivety only witnessed within the complete and total rapture of love/infatuation
• A 3D video game about the altered perception of a subject falling in and out of love
• A 2D video game detailing an autobiographical recount of a romantic relationship
• An autobiographical comic about the (my) love experience
• A series of informational interviews and surveys about interviewee's experiences and perspective of love and romance
and finally, completed with focus:
• An interactive experience about the ambiguity of love, heartbreak, and the human journey through love.

I feel the process of this endeavor is fitting of the product; Even talking about something as personal as your romantic situation is at the very least challenging 
 Throughout the process I have always wanted to make a game that was about the both enriching and troubling thing that is love and relationships.
Love has always been something I was adamant about seeking even since a young age. The importance of this ideology was peppered generously throughout my experiences in church and school and numerous communities that were present in my adolescence. 
At this point it is still hard to say what it is that I DO know about love, apart from that there is so much that you will learn about yourself if you become truly vulnerable to another person. The aftermath is even more teachable.
The following survey originally began on paper and was handed out among colleagues.
Shortly after publishing this survey online, I started giving long form interviews with friends and associates. I wanted to analyze all the data and visualize it in some form, but the problem here was that a lot of the info I gathered couldn't have been turned into mere statistics. I learned a lot about interviewing people with this project, as I learned its more so about listening and getting the full story. Each question ended up being tailored to the tone of the conversation, and never seeking the exact same information.
This process could be said to have been a failure, but it was incredibly fulfilling having these conversations about all these peoples' deep true feelings that they wouldnt normally be talking about with what was basically a stranger. I was happy to be that stranger and gain some perspective on why people do what they do within and without love. The next question I needed to ask was: Why a video game?
Always being a fan of video games and virtual realities as a whole, I was driven to push myself to do something that I had never done before and has only recently become something that the everyman can accomplish; develop an entire video game from scratch by yourself.
The world(s) you see above became manifestations of the aesthetics I had come to associate with romantic, naive love. Incredibly juicy and carefree, warm, surreal, and a sense of wonder that envelopes you to your very core. I had decided that I was becoming somewhat misguided, focussing on creating something that wouldn't, in the end, have as much substance as I had previously assumed. 
Nevertheless, I had learned more things about the development of a title in that short time than I had in my entire life as a game connoisseur!
I started in Unity 3D and had a lot of fun creating visually interesting settings, but I found I was overwhelmed with the possibilities of the third dimension. Looking back on my accomplishments here, I decided to move to a form that was probably more nostalgic than anything, maybe more accessible; Game Maker Studio, which specializes in 2D game development, unlike Unity.
Drawing inspiration from the SNES games of my childhood and the more contemporary classics that have shown me the true potential of video games as a medium, I was inspired to do something extraordinary with a new, less dimensional playground.
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